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    Default Ford 1900/Ford 2600 comparisons

    I'm not wanting to compare horsepower on these two tractors. If you had your druthers, assuming equal state of repair and hours, which one of these units would catch your eye first? Seems like the 1900 has more speeds than the 2600.
    The 2600 has the 2 PTO levers, indicative of draft control and depth control? On the other one, only 1 lever. Is the 2600 considered heavier duty than the 1900?

    Given equality, which one would you choose and why, all things being equal,of course?

    thanks ,Tractor Studs

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    Default Re: Ford 1900/Ford 2600 comparisons

    There is no way you can compare these tractors. They are two totaly different types of tractors. The 1900 is a compact tractor. The 2600 isn't and weighs about a thousand pounds more. It's like comparing an S10 pickup to a C3500 dually.

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    Default Re: Ford 1900/Ford 2600 comparisons

    the both have 1 pto lever.. the 2600 probably has 2 3pt levers.. ie draft / position control.

    i'd take a 2600 JMHO

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