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I sale NH and when it comes to insurance, about half the folsk use their own and the other half go with NH. The NH insurance never changes premiums no mater howm any claims you do, it covers the normal fire, theft, hail damgae, rodent infestation etc. BUT also covers mechanical stuff too. Fuel pumps, injectors, hydraulics. etc. It in a way is kind aan extended warranty with a smal deductible
Thanks jdbnh, i went with home owners, but may get a stand alone policy soon - i just wanted to save some more duckets as i am also looking to upgrade my IH574 FEL 2WD Gass w/ a WM75 FEL 4WD Diesel - needed $$$ for down payment - the kubota M5640 FEL 4WD has better financing, but still pushing for the Workmaster 75 - been trying to sell wife on proposal for 5 days now, she hasn't thrown me out yet, so I will keep asking - too good of a deal to walk away from on a 2012