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    Default New T1520 or used TC3x

    I am new to this website and sure do appreciate it so far. I am entering the Alpaca raising business and just bought a 5 acre farmstead. I will be doing a lot of development of the property, have snow to move in winter, and possibly some small plowing for a large garden. I have a great Xmark zero turn mower so do not need a mower on the tractor. I need a compact tractor and have been advised by several others in this same business that I should be buying around 30 HP. I have looked at many tractors and seem to be settling on a new or used New Holland, a major reason being the local small dealer who I greatly trust.

    If used, spending about $12-14,000 there are many used TC29s to TC35s, many good kubota L models, and JD 790 and 950 (hope I have all the models right). I am not brand conscious at all. I like the looks and functions of these models, and they seem to be well built and sturdy. The service guys at the local dealer give them all a good recommendation. I have read many of these threads and reviews that reinforce the desirability of all of these tractors.

    The local NH dealer also will sell me a new T1520, which is 35 HP, for $14,500 including the loader. There is no other new tractor in this HP range anywhere close in price. I read a lot positive online about this model, and note that the drive train is Shibura, which has made the engines for many years and is the manufacturer of the TC line too. But the T1520 just seems like it is made much cheaper than the TC line. I guess my question is probably one you answer all the time to a new person like me...should I buy this great deal on a new one, or a used one which may be better?

    Thanks for any advice you more experienced guys can give.

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    Default Re: New T1520 or used TC3x

    You have pretty much answered your own question. The t1520 is a fine tractor and is a good buy, i looked at the same tractor last year and here in nova scotia i would have had to pay 20k brand new. I purchased a used 2006 tc33da with 400 hrs for 13.5k. The tc is heavier and more features i.e. hydro, cruise, rear remotes, heavier 3pt hitch, mid pto, rear remote. For me it just came down to more tractor for less and i have only changed fluids and filters. My tractor has been trouble free and performed beyond my expectations. I have seen a few t1520's around here and they seem to be just fine. So it comes down to what you prefer

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    Default Re: New T1520 or used TC3x

    I just bought a new T1520 and wish I could have got it for <$15k. I'd shopped for years to replace my well-worn but unfailing '90s 1520. Despite the 10hp diff in the newer model these two are remarkably similar. It seems on paper that this new one is a cross between my oldie and a classic TC30. In size & weight they're nearly identical. T1520 is hardly a HD tractor by any means, more like an agile sports car, but with near 30hp at PTO & something I wanted for the 5' brush hog and 60" K-K tiller. None of the three is as robust as NH's similar -powered 1920, IMO a gold standard for CUTs.

    I really like Kioti among the orange tractors but the most obvious diff is in o'all weight, and this is where the NH Ts earn their 'economy' labels. I'm comfortable with having much less weight to load onto a trailer. Disregarding loaders, a DK35, similar in rated power, is another 1000lb and that's surely not just dead weight tacked on somewhere.

    I guess my point is that TC30 vs T1520 is a toss-up, and btw these folks saw things about the same as we do here. Great for snow removal with the FEL and remarkable mobility. No climbing over the loader stick getting on and off, and ergonomics is why I prefer this type to the better equipped and generally superior LS-made NHs. Enough to maintain a 5 ac ranch? I say yes, and I have no regrets. Seems like a matter of getting the best deal this time.

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