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    Default New Holland TS110

    I know that this tractor is a bit bigger than most on this forum, but I'm looking for a machine big enough to drive a 10' disk moco. There do seem to be some people on this forum that know about machines this big.

    Any feedback on the TS machines?

    I am specifically thinking about a TS100 or TS110, Cab, 4WD, used with less than 1,000 hours.

    I do not need a loader, my open station Ford 7610 has a loader.

    I have found several on the net that fit this.

    What were the original prices for the 12, 16 and 24 speed transmissions? What transmission would be best (or is there no real difference) for plowing, mowing, bailing hay (square and round) ?

    Thanks from a first time poster.

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    Default Re: New Holland TS110

    Hi Kevin:

    Welcome to TBN! For years, we've run a FWD 7710 that has done far more than should have been asked of it. Seeing what it has accomplished, I'd be tempted to hook up that MoCo if I had nothing else! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    I haven't run the TS series much beyond playing around on the dealer's lot. They seem a lot more responsive and "peppy" than the ole' 7710. I know the 12x12 trans is considered to be very stout, but has gaps in the gears depending on terrain and RPM. The 24x24 is also supposed to be reliable, and more flexible in keeping the engine around the torque peak. I don't recall much about the 16x16.

    Honestly, once you get up into the TL/TS series, I've rarely heard of maintenance issues beyond the minor stuff that all makes suffer.


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    Default Re: New Holland TS110

    we have a ts110 that weve beenusing for about 3 years now. it performs great. i love it.we use it to mow about 800 acres with a 15 and sometimes 20 foot bush hog. let me know how it tuns out for ya if you get one. p.s.-i know this post is a little late but i just came across your question.

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    Default Re: New Holland TS110

    Where in Rhode Island could you use the TS110?? Not much land around there.
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