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    Last week, my companies Ls 170 broke down as i was dumping dirt, well it acted like it was bogged down and the hydrolic oil light came on and then shut down. As got out to investigate it looked as if a hydraulic hose came loose or busted but i called Lansdowne-Moody and they came out and fixed it. To make a long story short the hydraulic oil filter o-ring around the filter came loose and spewed oil all over the engine, radiator and anything else. Has this happened to anyone? Seems like the new holland we got was defective or something with past problems like the skid steer bogging down and even stopping every now and then and its only 3 months old. Ohwell. I like Lansdowne-Moody's service except for the fact that the one nearest me doesnt have a fully stocked service truck, they have a 1 ton truck and they bring a few spare parts but i guess thats alright.

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    That is a pressurized filter and it may not have been installed tightly enough. The NH filter has installation instructions on the side. We have not had any filter failures or received notice of any such failures from NH.

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