I have finally narrowed down my search for my upgrade for my 4000. It has come down to a NH5610 and a JD5410. The lack of trans. option and folding ROPS is in the minus column for NH. In the plus is the addition of the 304 motor in this size. I say this only because of the only person in county with this model engine blew just after warranty, but I don't know the details.I think it was a 286. Now they all start with the same engine and 70 horses. The Deere is about 5 horses less and smaller in weight and about 2k more. I hear great things about these tractors but neighbor snyc trans keeps freezing. I've got a 10ft disk and a heavy new NH mower. I may go up a size in my 4x4 roller in a few years and a large wheel bush hog or a small bat wing may be a possibility. Does any body have any imput? I am beginning to toss and turn a little. Big decision that I will probably have to live with for a while. And yes it does take me a while to buy a pair of boots. Nine months and due date is here this week.