I am looking at a tractor being sold at a government auction. It is a 1985 Ford. On the side I found the characters "T6 9K17 D5NN6015G." I assume that these identify the model and serial number, but being new to the world of tractors I don't know what is what?

I recently built a house on twenty acres of mountain property. I am looking for a tractor to mow one acre, to clear snow from my 300' driveway and to occasionally move rocks. I have been looking at small tractors but ran across this one at auction. It seems ridiculously big for my purposes, but I think I may be able to get it for a low price. Several people on these forums have recommended buying the biggest tractor that you can afford. The tractor has a large mower on the side with a hydrolic arm and a counter weight. I would probably replace the mower with one on the back. It has 1757 hours. Is it ridiculous for me to buy a tractor of this size for my limited uses? Also, what might a tractor like this be worth?