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    Default buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    I'm looking at a Ford 1910 tractor. It has 978 hs. on it.
    It is slightly weathered, but that is mostly cosmetic.
    A can of spray paint and some sand paper and she'd look great. I think she is a 1987.

    The current owner has had her about 8 years. Never had a problem. Has only been worked on for maintence.

    Has new back tires, new seat and a canopy. Power steering
    & PTO.

    This is our first time buying a tractor. What should I watch out for?

    The owners dad is the one selling her, he attends my church.
    His older son did all the maintance. This is his business, he works on cars & tractors.

    The owner bought a larger new tractor w/ an airconditioned cab so he has no need for this tractor. It has only been used
    to mow the church lawn for the last few months.

    They are asking 6,500 firm.

    Good deal?

    Keleigh (sounds Raleigh)

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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    In my opinion.. 6500$ for that tractor is a good price.

    About the only thing you need to look out for is wear items.. clutch.. breaks.. etc.

    Unless you think there are obvious problems.. like oil in water.. water in oil.. sounds like a cream puff to me.


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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    I would advise you to see if you can still get part for the unit. I looked at model 1900 and found parts are almost non-existance and very pricey if you can get them. Hence I passed on the tractor.

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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    Price is good. I sold my 1900 4 wheel drive 5 years ago for $6000 with 1900 hours on it. I owned the 1900 for 18 years, Good , Reliable machine. Parts are readily available, parts are pricey tho.

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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    I just bought a 1920 with a "ventilated" engine.
    It seemed easy enough, but I can tell you the parts for the jap engines are very expensive!
    $42 for a set of rings (one hole), $320 for the gasket kit!
    $1,800 for a bare block, $5,400 short block OUCH!

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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    If it doesn't have a FEL & 4 wd I think $6500 is a bit high for a tractor that is that old and doesn't have ind pto..Just my opinion..

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    Default Re: buying Ford 1910 Tractor?

    I can't tell you about price because I haven't had a reason to research that. I'll never sell mine. I can give you a history of my 1910.

    First problem occured at 1050 hours. The fuel injector pump blew a seal. At the same time I found that the injectors were not in good shape. I had the pump rebuilt, put new injectors in, replaced the water pump, boiled out the radiator, replaced belts and hoses. (They were all still original) All total about $1,200.00

    Second problem has been developing a while. The valve for the loader needs seals. It drips a bit. I'm taking care of that this fall.

    I love this tractor and it has been very reliable except for the fuel pump seal and injectors.

    I bought it new about 20 years ago and it took 18 years to have the first problem. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] This does not mean yours will have the same problem. Parts are available but expensive.

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