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    Default Thinking of trading my TC 30, so I need advice.

    I love my TC 30 but I am thinking of getting a bigger tractor. I am in the process of purchasing 10 more acres that is covered in hardwoods, which means I could use a larger tractor. My TC 30 currently has 65 hours on the meter and I hate to trade her but the new incentives form NH are tempting me. I want a TC 40D with the 16LA FEL. If you saw the new Fall 2005 Acres magazine from NH, I am in a similar situation as the couple interviewed for the ," The New Mountain Settlers." My tractor is used everyday and I am finding that I am using the TC 30 at it's maximum level to remove stumps and root balls. With a slump in the market, what should I expect to pay for the TC 40D with a 16LA FEL?

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    Default Re: Thinking of trading my TC 30, so I need advice.

    The going "best cash deal" in the Pacific Northwest is right at $18,850 for a TC40DA and 16LA, and maybe a few dollars less if you are very good at negotiating. You will need to compensate for freight to your area.

    I would think hard about the switch. The 40 is only about 700 lbs. heavier than the TC30, and not as well built. I am not saying it is bad, I have one. But, keep it out of the sun or the plastic turns every color but blue, and get to know your service manager real well as the additional "features" that are switch activated do not like dust, rain, or sun. The TC30 is made in Japan with much higher quality materials and workmanship. The TC40 is assembled in Georgia from parts from the third world and a very good Japanese engine from the same company that builds the TC30. And, brush clearing really ruins the plastic headlights on the TC40, while the TC30 has real scratch resistant glass.

    If you really need the power, you are not going to see much practical real usable difference between the 30 and 40. Step on up to the TC55DA and you get enough additional weight to be able to use the more powerful loader and three point.

    This is not meant to offend anyone, but is my opinion.

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    Default Re: Thinking of trading my TC 30, so I need advice.

    Todd, I'd guess your price for a new TC40DA with 16LA will be in the $22k to $23k price range depending on how you get it configured. I don't think you'll find one under $20k unless it's a used unit with 150 to 250 hours and maybe around two years old.

    I think you will find the TC40DA to be an excellent choice for 18-20 acres. It will do a lot of chores that would be impossible with the TC30 and give you lots of "big tractor" features like the rear wheel widths being fully adjustable and up to three hydraulic remotes. It also weighs more than 1000 lb more than the TC30. I'm not sure where RockingW found his number, but it's not accurate. The basic TC40DA without the loader weighs about 3,600 lb, so you can compare the weight of your TC30 and make that determination for yourself.

    I live in Texas and store my tractor out in the sun. It has no fading whatsoever. I absolutely love the fiberglas panels on my tractor. The color goes all the way down to the fiber substrate. I work a lot in the brush and the only lights I've ever had scratched or damaged in the least were my tail-lights located on the outside of the ROPs. I'll admit that is a bad design/location for working around brush and trees. I've removed those lights to keep them from becoming completely destroyed.

    As I approach 900 hours on my TC45D, I still consider it to be a very able tractor and a workhorse on my 33 acres. This is not to say a TC48 or TC55 would not be a good choice, but I do believe you will find a quantum leap in productive work with the Class III Boomer over the TC30. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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