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    Default Advice on buying used tractor

    I am looking to buy a small tractor and found a Ford F-1500 for sale. It looks to be in good shape (from the Pictures). It has 698 hours, FEL, 4 wheel drive. It comes with a ford tiller, brush hog, rear blade, and two plows. They want $8500 for it. I am going to possibly purchase and look at it on Friday, sense it is about 3 hours away. The seller is holding it for me till then..

    I have a 5 acre lot that is pretty level with a few trees. The main uses for it would be: keeping the fields under control, maintanence of the gravel driveway and tilling the garden (probably be others later).

    Anyone have any opinions on this tractor? Is it worth the money? I know it is older (1981 model) but seems to be in good shape, plus they are hard to find in this price range..

    I have also searched a lot of different forums on this tractor and there does not seem to be very many around...

    I have attached the pictures I have of it!

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give..

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    Default Re: Advice on buying used tractor

    Welcome to TBN sikboater! This seems like an ok deal to me. The rotary mower seems to be in good shape from the pic's. That's surely low hours for such an old tractor. I'm sure someone with alot more smarts will answer you shortly. Good luck with your purchase!

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    Default Re: Advice on buying used tractor

    Unless you see some obvious fluid leak (more than a drip or seep) or it doesn't operate correctly, I think you would have a very good deal. Make sure the 4WD engages and disengages, differential lock works, and the PTO works. Operate the tiller under a load and engage/disengage the PTO to listen for abnormal sounds. Put the clutch under load too to make sure it does not slip.

    Those are all the things I can brainstorm on the spur of the moment.

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    Default Re: Advice on buying used tractor

    My only thought is that his may be a tad high for the age and size. in other words.. you might get this same price on a 1520 or 1910 with a loader.. perhaps even a 1720.. etc.

    Good condition CUT's that are 4wd with loader DO tend to hold value nicely though.. so it's not a ripoff by any means..


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    Default Re: Advice on buying used tractor

    Well I did end up purchasing the 1500. It is in pretty good shape. There is only a little rust on the wheel wells and the engine was very clean.... The only issue is that is has manual steering.. I thought, after test drivining it around, that the steering would not be that big of issue.. Of course now I wish it did have power steering..

    Anyway I think it was still a good deal and it runs like a champ, with lots of power.. Does anyone know if I can add the power steering or do I have to live without. I would think maybe a setup from a 1710 or such would work, just need all the parts.



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