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    Default Took the loader off last night

    TN75DA, 32LC loader

    So, after having a wee issue with a hose coming undone on a job and finally have some time and energy to take the loader off, we went after it last night. This was one of the reasons I wanted a utility so I could easily remove the loader and not have it there (and i bought weights for it, to balance it, but it shortens it considerably, easier to manuever).

    Anyway, we find the poles to hold it up (interesting design, had to be shown where those were), hook those up and put the bucket down. Ok, stare at the loader brackets for a while and say "hey, it's just this one bolt and the whole thing should lift right out and then you disconnect the hoses"

    so, we unbolt the bolt (after like 30 trips back and forth to the toolbox to get the right size socket.) and fire up the tractor and push down.
    it slides forward a little bit, but not up and out.
    this should work.
    I look at it some more, get the wife's agreement, nothing holding it in, but it's just sitting in that top little hole and there's nothign there.
    give it more fuel, maybe not enough hydralics to get it out.
    what is going on?
    start over.
    Finally, shut it down and I'm climbing around and I stand in the bucket (about 2 ' off the ground, held by the poles) and think "why doesn't this go down"
    so I jump up and down

    that did it
    quickly exciting ride to the ground.
    Must have just been stuck
    Funny though.

    Wow, MUCH easier to see out of with no loader

    Getting the weights on is a whole nother story

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    Default Re: Took the loader off last night

    The more I remove/reinstall my implements the easier it gets. You will look back and wonder why it took so long. Greg
    Greg in SE. Mich. TC33DA,SS,FEL,72"MMM,72"FB,

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    Default Re: Took the loader off last night

    Where are the poles/arms to hold up the loader on the new TN75DA? On my TN75D they just fold down from the loader arms. I have to admit though that I haven't taken my loader off the TN in 5 years and the 2120 in 20 years.


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    Default Re: Took the loader off last night

    Ok, you got me
    I didn't know, in fact I even called and went "where are the poles?"
    The salesmen gently said, you see that center arm between the arms (back about 2' from teh bucket, it's round, has plates held on by clips on the sides?"


    Open those plates up and there they are.

    Pretty slick actually
    i NEVER would have found them.

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