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    Default TC45DA (Cab) issues, problems and things you should be aware of

    First, does anyone know where this is built? Cuz I"m NOT impressed with their quality control.

    Purchased it brand new, it's torn down to the axles with a grand total of 3, (yes three) hours on it and been at the dealer for 10 days now.

    So, anyone, it needs an entire new wiring harness. Yes, that's right, both engine side and cab side. And apparantly NH knows this because the harnesses are backordered and very high in demand and they won't pay to just fix one wire.

    In less than 3 hours of use, the way it was routed coming up from the frame over the engine (left hand side), had already rubbed thru the protective covering and begun shorting wires.

    So, go take a look at your TC's right now and see if that's not rubbing, because it's going to result in serious issues.

    Also, the transmission had a casting flaw and leaked, so that whole case had to be replaced (or is being replaced).

    Lord knows what else will be wrong when they get these things fixed. But everyone should go look at their main harness in the engine bay.

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    Default Re: TC45DA (Cab) issues, problems and things you should be aware of

    Wow Brian. Not a good way to start out with a new tractor. I hope that you can get it back to work soon. You sure can't make any money with it in the shop.

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    Default Re: TC45DA (Cab) issues, problems and things you should be aware of

    Well that's not good right from the get go having problems like that. I have an aftermarket Laurin cab, had problems with both windshield whipers and one wire for some lights got unhooked after 220hrs of use, but that was it. Nothing major and surely no rubbing through wireing harnesses.

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