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    Default front end loader drift

    Hi,I have a TC25D with a 7308 fel mounted on the front. I have noticed that when I leave the bucket close to full up position for any length of time, it starts to drift down. This happens very slowly; maybe 1 inch per hour. While the dealer was at my place repairing a leaky steering cylinder, I mentioned it to him and he said that a certain amount of drift is within spec. He said that the machining tolerances allow oil to bypass the valve to a certain extent. If the drift is too fast, they would replace the valve. He also said that it is normal to see some oil bypass the loader cylinder seals and contribute to the drift. Does anyone have any feedback on the amount (or rate) of acceptable drift? Is any drift acceptable? Does anyone have the same problem?

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    Default Re: front end loader drift


    It's normal. When all is new the hydraulics hold their position for longer periods of time. As you use them they will wear and slowly start to leak and allow the attachments to drop slowly.


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    Default Re: front end loader drift

    The dealer should have been able to tell you what rate of fall the specs say is within normal. I'm sure I've seen some figures posted in the past, but don't remember when or where. At any rate, what he told you is right; some gradual lowering is considered normal, even though there are some that seem to never lower at all.

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