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    Default Proud New Ford 4000 Owner!

    I just purchased my first tractor - a gas Ford 4000 with FEL. Owner is to deliver it Monday afternoon, but he already gave me the Operator's Manual which I've been reading and plotting what to do first.

    I plan on changing every fluid and any filter that looks at all questionable. One question - is there an easy cross-reference for the Ford part numbers to more typical generic fluids (ie: What is the ESN-M2C77-A recommended for the transmission - an 80W-90?)?

    It has power steering, but it doesn't work. I'll be trouble-shooting that when it gets here (any known problems for this model?), but I'd also like to get a good shop manual. I see many different options on the web, are there any that are better/worse than the others?

    Unfortunately I wrote down the wrong serial numbers (didn't know about the nameplate inside the engine cover), so I'm not exactly sure what year it is. I do have the numbers of the engine block (DONN60151) and transmission
    (C7NN 7006AR) if they mean anything.

    Anything else I should look out for?

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    Default Re: Proud New Ford 4000 Owner!

    I have a '75 Ford 4000 (3cyl. diesel) that my Dad acquired used about 12 years ago. The power steering system always leaked like a sieve and the power steering would often go out due to lack of fluid.

    The previous owner had been using ATF in the steering . We did the same because that was what was in there...we just matched the red color of what was leaking out. Reading an IT manual on the tractor I got suspicious that the ATF might be the problem. On visiting a NH dealer, I found out what was specified for the steering and bought some. Since putting the correct fluid in the power steering, there have been no more leakage or loss of steering problems. Once it got the right fluid, the problems went away by themselves.

    The diesel is quite economical to run. Doesn't seem to burn any more fuel than my Kubotas. But I'll bet the gasser could be a mite thirsty.

    We need pictures!
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    Default Re: Proud New Ford 4000 Owner!

    Get an I&T FO31 manual for the 3 cyl jobs. Also get an owners manual. they show lube points.. etc.

    Many people use M2C134D or equivalent UTF fluids in all places but the crank case.. for seperate sumps.. you can use application specific fluids.. IE.. gear oil in the tranny.. etc.


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    Default Re: Proud New Ford 4000 Owner!

    Is your 4000 the 4-cylinder gas model? Is it also an "industrial" model with the loader? I owned one of those and it had blown and leaking power steering hoses. I replaced the hoses, but the cover on the power steering reservoir always leaked because there was a baffle missing and fluid returning to the reservoir splashed and foamed inside the cover. I never could get it to seal perfectly.

    Also, the hydraulic pump and reservoir for the loader were in front of the radiator in a huge cast iron cowling. The industrial models had this instead of sheet metal. I bet that thing weighed 250 lb or more. I took it off once and it was a beast. Changing the fanbelt was a pain. Because the crankshaft had an extension going to the FEL's hydraulic pump, it had to be removed before the belt could be replaced. Mine needed a new belt, but I never could get up the nerve to tackle that job.

    Good luck with your 4000. Mine was a 1964 model and needed lots of work, but even so, I still was able to do a lot with it. I was also happy to see it go when I sold it because it had a Select-O-Speed transmission.

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