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    Default 7740 sle transmission

    we have ford/newholland 95 7740 sle 7500hrs started to grind getting it into reverse, so i had a look a found that the lock nut was loose on adjuster top of transmission.adjusted it, to where it stop grinding (lovely), but it started to grind going into forward after a few times of normal operation! is this a problem with adjustment or faulty solenoids , there known to give trouble so i have been told,had to rewire earths ,a lot were bad connection and broken.any information would be greatfully apprieciated.
    have no manuals or experience in this field !

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    Default Re: 7740 sle transmission

    No solenoids or earth connections involved here. You should try to fine tune the cable adjustment, but that may not be possible. Your Forward/Reverse synchronizer may be trashed. It requires a double split (transmission removal) to replace. The snchronizer was over $2000USD several years ago. The 1-4/5-8 synchronizer should be examined carefully, as it will be next to go. It would also be prudent to replace the piston seals and sealing rings in all 4 clutchpacks with those hours, given the transmission will be mostly disassembled. Just remembered there is a serial number break on that synchronizer, be careful when pricing/ordering parts.
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    Default Re: 7740 sle transmission

    looking for someone knowlegeable about these tractors have spent over 3000 usa dollars and still not working

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