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    Default 2006 TC 40 A - Hydralic loses power when hot

    Is it normal for my tractor to lose lifting power after working for about three hours? I guess the service center did not believe me since they could not find the fault. They were certaily not going to work it three hours to test it. Currently the tractor is at the dealer for service and I did bring it to his attention again (new mechanic).
    Any idea as to how I can get New Holland to take care of this if it is not fixed before the expiration of the warranty in one week?

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    Default Re: 2006 TC 40 A - Hydralic loses power when hot

    To make this claim, you need to get some concrete evidence. For example, you said your system loses lifting power, but you didn't say how you measured that. Will it not lift an implement on the 3PH or are you referring to the FEL lift power? Does it completely fail, or is this a subjective judgement on your part?

    I'm going to give you a link to the Hydraulics forum where someone built a test gage setup. I suggest you build one as quickly as possible. Your tractor dealer may have a gage for sale or you may find one at TSC or Northern Tool. If you don't want to buy a quick-connect fitting, just take one off your loader and use it with the gage, but that will really be a pain if you are using the FEL when you notice the loss in power. In that case, you will need to buy a male quick connect fitting also.

    When you have the gage complete, measure the pressure in your system when the tractor is cold and even take a picture of the gage if you can. Then, use the tractor until it becomes hot and the hydraulics start to fail. Measure the pressure again and record the reading. Now you will have good numbers to be able to relay to your dealer and New Holland.

    Hydraulic pressure gage

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