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    Default TC45DA starting problem

    My TC45 is having an intermitent issue starting. My shifter from high/neutral/low has always been stiff to move between functions. Now every other start, when I place the lever in neutral, there is dead silence when I try to start the engine!!! No turning over of engine, no clicks of any sort, just that sick dead sound.......

    Is it loose linkage? neutral switch ?

    The machine has about 350 hrs.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    Default Re: TC45DA starting problem

    Try moving the lever to see if that neutral saftey switch is not fully engaged.

    I have heard there are problems with starter relays.

    Check you battery, starter, and ignition for loose or corroded connections.

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    Default Re: TC45DA starting problem

    Move the lever through the neutral position while holding the key to the start position. If it starts, then you need to disassemble and clean the pivot under the left fender panel to make sure the lever moves freely and you can feel the neutral indent. If it doesn't start, you probably have a starter/solenoid problem that is common on our tractors.

    It could also be the neutral sensing switch or a dirty/loose connection to the switch. It is under the left side of the operator's platform and is screwed into the transmission housing. It looks like a hex nut with two wires attached.

    Also, the PTO lever will keep the engine from turning over. You might jiggle that to make sure it is in the OFF position. If it is working, you should be able to see the light cycle on and off on the dash panel as you move the PTO lever.

    The parking brake and operator presence system will allow the engine to turn over, but it will not start due to the fuel solenoid keeping fuel shut off. That is not your problem if your tractor's starter will not operate.

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