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    Default FEL makes noise

    My TC35D is almost 2 years old. I have been moving dirt and gravel. when I apply down pressure to smooth out the surface and then release the pressure I hear a rather loud, squeecky (excuse spelling) noise. Just started hearing the noise. Is it normal?

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    Default Re: FEL makes noise

    <font color=blue>when I apply down pressure to smooth out the surface and then release the pressure I hear a rather loud, squeecky (excuse spelling) noise. </font color=blue>

    Here are a few things you might check:
    1) Have you greased all your loader's zerk fittings lately?
    2) Extend your bucket curl and then lightly oil your hydraulic rams to see if that changes the sound. After checking, repeat with loader's lift arms.
    3) Check that the loader mounting brackets on each side of your tractor have tight bolts. This takes a big socket and they are hard to get to, but I found a couple of loose ones on my tractor.
    4) Check the greasing on your front axle. Down pressure lifts the front of the tractor and releasing it lets the tractor down. The front axle might be squeaking as it settles to the ground.

    These are not "scientific" suggestions, but just checks on areas that move when you operate your loader as described. The "squeak" isn't the loader scraping on top of the gravel is it? Good luck![img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: FEL makes noise

    continuing on what Jinman listed... pay close attention to the grease point on the lower loader mount. this is inside the housing and is easily missed during greasing. some people don't even know its there. you should be able to get to it from the rear of the mounts. if its not greased, the loader will grind and groan on the pivot.

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    About a year ago I had a simular squeak at the bucket pivot points. I had been working a very wet muddy area (some standing water) a few days earlier. Just greasing the fittings did not cure the squeak immediately, so I removed the pivot pins (basically removed the bucket ) where I found one pin where the grease had not spread all the way around one pin. There was a bit of "rusty dust" on this pin but no pitting or gaulng. I cleaned the pin greased it (and the others) and put it back together and Walla! no more squeak... and none since. I now grease the FEL and back hoe pivot pins at least daily during any heavy or wet use, including after hosing them off. Hope this helps.

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    could someone take a picture of this mysterious grease fitting and post it. The only grease fittings I've noticed are the ones for the pins. I'm curious to see where it is. Thanx

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