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    Default Questions about my new NH 2310

    My brother told me about this web site last year, when I started thinking about a tractor. I've been on the site a lot, reading threads and looking at pictures. It has fed the "let's buy a tractor" fire significantly, but truthfully, there was already plenty of fuel. I have a tree service that I started last year, after quitting a full time job with benefits and good health insurance. I started with nothing but a few saws, some climbing equipment, a vague idea of what I was doing, a couple of good books, my GMC Sierra 2500 and a borrowed utility trailer. Now I have more saws, a lot more climbing equipment, a significant investment of time and money in reputable training programs, a 6' x 12' hd Bri-Mar dump trailer and a few bad days at work, which help to remind me not to cut corners or to ignore my gut feeling.

    On Friday I will sign the paperwork for my new NH 2310, equipped with 4wd, weighted R4 tires, a grill guard, front end loader with three choker hooks welded on and the plumbing for a future grapple bucket from a rear remote.

    A day before I looked at this tractor I looked at a kubota 4740, which I liked more than this tractor, but the financing wasn't as good, and I couldn't swing the payments. I think I will be well pleased with the NH, though I do wish the hydraulics were on par with the Kubota.

    I will use the tractor primarily for moving wood, brush and cleaning up debris from removals. My back is still good and strong, I'd like to keep it that way. I'll buy a grapple bucket in the spring, but want to do more research into that before I make the investment. Any feedback on what to look for or stay away from would be great.

    There are two issues I would like help with now. The NH 2310 has some irritating safety features that I would like to disable almost immediately. There is a beeper that sounds, and a thing in the tractor seat that kills the engine if you release weight from the seat. While I appreciate that NH doesn't want to be sued out of existance by stupid lawsuits, I am pretty confident I won't kill myself or anyone else by getting off a running tractor. If I do, I probably deserve to die for being stupid. My responsibility, but thanks for watching out for me NH? Does anyone know how to disable these features? Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from folks.

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    Default Re: Questions about my new NH 2310

    Congrats on your tractor purchase - I have had my TC45DA for a couple of months now and love the tractor. I can tell you that having been around Kubotas (and owning a smaller one) the NH is a lot more comfortable tractor. I think you will find you did OK on the purchase decision.
    As for the seat switch - not that I would recommend it - but if it were to become unpluged and then a jumper was stuck in there - it would disable the "must have butt in seat" requirement.. which would be a bad and dangerous thing...

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    Default Re: Questions about my new NH 2310

    Kevin, welcome to TBN. I hope you enjoy your new tractor and will post some pictures if you get a chance.

    Your tractor is a good size for a grapple. There are many kinds of grapples: bucket grapple, fork grapple, root grapple, etc.. You'll have to decide which one meets your needs the most. You'll also want to keep the grapple as light as possible so you don't reduce your lift capacity too much. I have a rock bucket/grapple that weighs about 700 lb and that leaves me with 1000 lb lift capacity for for brush or rocks. I think a narrow grapple that is built strong is better than a wide grapple that may not be as strong because it is made of lighter materials. That's just my opinion.

    About the seat switch... Look in the back of your Owner's Manual and you will find electrical schematics. At the bottom of the page are lists of components that are shown on each diagram. My seat switch is shown on Frame 2 of my diagrams. By looking at the schematic, you can determine how to jumper around the seat switch. Mine was just a simple jumper in the plug as fishpick suggested, but the circuit may have been changed on later model tractors. It seems I've read that the seat switch now has three wires instead of just two. I haven't looked at one, so I don't know for sure. If you can read schematics, you can figure it out.

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    Default Re: Questions about my new NH 2310

    Maybe it's an evolutional saftey issue but on my 2002 TC40, if you set the saftey brake lever mounted on the right side of the deck just aft of the foot brake pedals and of course place the tractor in neutral, you can dismount and the tractor will remain running at whatever rpm you set with the hand throttle.
    With your current setup, how could you operate a hydraulic log splitter or a pto wood chipper alone???

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