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    Default Calcium/Liquid Filled Tires

    I have a problem and I need help.

    I have a 25HP New Holland loader with liquid filled tires. One tire looked low so I tried putting air in it. I had no knowledge of liquid filled tires, in fact at the time I didn't know they were liquid filled. I tried to put air in it while the valve stem was at the bottom. Each time I tried, liquid spilled out. Finally I spoke to a neighbor who told me to try filling the tire while the valve was at the top. Today I tried but the tire would not fill. I took a stem removing tool figuring the stem was clogged with mud, it broke off. What I need to know is this;

    The stem appears to be two pieces, one smaller stem screwed onto a larger stem that is threaded through the rim. I "assume" the larger stem is used to fill the tire with the fluid and them they put the smaller stem on that one and use that to fill it the rest of the way with air.... is that correct? Also, If I put the stem up and unscrew the smaller outside stem from the larger will the tire deflate and will fluid come out? Should I take the weight off of the tire? I think I need to remove the outside stem in order to replace the needle inside of it so I can add air.

    Anyone that reads this and can help me please email me at

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Calcium/Liquid Filled Tires

    I am not sure what you have on your tires but mine on a 1700 have a regular innertube filled with calcium. The stems are normal as you would have on a car or truck. The way I put air in them is with the valve stem at the top and the tire jacked up off of the ground. You have to be quick and use a good presure hose. Just add enough to keep the tire firm. Mine could be different from yours.

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    Default Re: Calcium/Liquid Filled Tires

    If you have calcium in there I hope you have tubes. The inner valve core is removed to put in the fluid. If you want to replace it do exactly as you stated,
    put the valve stem to the top, take the weight off the tire, make sure you hold the base of the stem with a channel locks or you run the risk of twisting off the stem from the tube. Replace the valve core and put in 1 lb. of air for every inch of rim diameter. This was explained to me from a tractor tire service guy where I buy my tires. When I explained about the seeping I was having he gave me two new valve cores, explained how to do it and said that if he were to come out on the clock it would be the $75 minimum to perform the repair. I did what he said, have dry stems now and will continue to buy my tires there! good luck!

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    Default Re: Calcium/Liquid Filled Tires

    jack it up, remove the smaller part.. get a new one.. put it on, fill with air.. be happy.


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    Default Re: Calcium/Liquid Filled Tires

    i had same prob jack up weel put stem on top screw out brass stem, mine was very tite cacium rots them out, buy new stem rap threads with nylon tape and screw in add air to prop inflation .i keep a couple on hand.

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