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    Default Yikes! First 1910 clutch issue ever for me

    I'd like to say hello to all as I just found it while searching some items for my tractor. Hopefully by the amount of knowledge I've read thus far, you chaps have probably dealt with this before although I did do a search prior to posting. I've got a 1910. Had it since new. It's now got 231 hours on it. I was last using it about Oct/Nov and just went out to flash it up and do some spring time work but alas, my first problem. I've never had any clutch issues, and my tractor is the 4x4 model. My pedal feels thesame as ever but I can't get it engage. I was able to lower the rpms to a low enough level and slip it into gear and drive around for 5 mins but when I depress the clutch.. nothing.. tractor keeps moving. Not sure if this is common if it sits? And if so, how the heck do you fellows "unstick" the clutch again? Frustrating as heck as I'm no mechanic and my only shop is a large trip away. Any ideas would sure be welcome. Thx again and am looking forward to using your forum.

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    Default Re: Yikes! First 1910 clutch issue ever for me

    There have been several posts on this issue and it is a common occurrence when a tractor is left sitting and the clutch disc rusts to the pressure plate. Here is a link to some easy solutions.

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    Default Re: Yikes! First 1910 clutch issue ever for me

    Strange. Had same thing happen on a 1910 I was looking to buy in Gilroy, Ca. After I and the seller tried several times each, it finally worked and drove. But it was enough to make me pass on that tractor. I have three tractors. Always start and drive them atleast every 3 weeks. Try using a PTO attachment if you have dual clutch disc, might help freeit up.

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    Default Re: Yikes! First 1910 clutch issue ever for me

    My Ford 1700 from 1980 came with a small wooden block that was to be placed between the pedal linage to hold the clutch in the thrown out position when the tractor was to set, As far as I know they dont use the block anymore.
    Hope the info helps

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