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    Default want to add front loader

    We have a new Holland TC55DA . What do we need to do to add a 18LA loader? Our tractor does not have the control panel on the right fender.

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    Default Re: want to add front loader

    Welcome to TBN! You've come to the right place for answers. I'll try to give you a few and maybe someone else will also fill in more details. I'm far from an expert, but I do know a bit about your tractor.

    You need to decide if you want a New Holland loader or if an aftermarket loader would do the job. There are many aftermarket loaders that are good choices if you have a dealer for them in your area. The New Holland will give you the best resale value and allow you to have a single source for parts that's the same as your tractor. I think you'll also find the location of the NH joystick is very convenient on the right side console instead of mounted on the loader post.

    There are two New Holland loaders that have been used on the TC55DA. The first loader was the 18LA. More recently, NH has changed loader manufacturers and the new loader is the 270TL. Both loaders look very similar. I believe you will likely find the 270TL is the only available loader.

    Tractors with loaders are most often built as "loader ready" tractors at the factory. That means the joystick, hydraulics, and loader mounting posts with subframe bracing are installed on the tractor at the factory. Because your tractor was not made this way, it will have to have the items installed by your dealer. That makes the loader purchase seem more expensive when compared to the loader being purchased for a "loader ready" tractor. While you will find the dealer's service department is very experienced at installing loaders, the extra parts and labor do add up to a higher price. I would expect a 270TL loader to be a little over $6000 by the time you get it installed. Full MSRP would be around $6500 with the quick attach plate and 72" bucket installed. If you don't want the quick attach option, you can save $400 to $500, but I wouldn't suggest spending that much money and getting a pin-on bucket. Quick attach is worth every penny you pay for it in my opinion.

    I'd say to get an actual quote from your NH dealer and then ask him if he has other loader options. My NH dealer also sold Bush Hog loaders which were a little less than the NH. One of the posters here sells Westendorf loaders and those seem to be also a good buy.

    Good luck with your tractor and researching the loader. At least 80% of the jobs I do with my tractor include using the loader. In my opinion, it is worth the money.

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    Default Re: want to add front loader

    I agree with Jinman, loader is worth every penny. I find uses for it I never would have thought. The more things I use it for, the more uses I find for it.
    Greg in SE. Mich. TC33DA,SS,FEL,72"MMM,72"FB,

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    Default Re: want to add front loader

    I agree the front loader is the most useful item for most people. I welded a couple of chain hooks to mine, one on each side. In my opinion, it makes it even more useful, being able to easily grab something with a chain.

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    Default Re: want to add front loader

    My previous tractor did not have a loader when I got it; just a mower and scraper. It was my kubota B series tractor. I added a loader a couple years later, after saving up...

    IMHO, it was a tractor after adding the loader. It was a nice utlility machine before, but was tractor after adding that loader. FWIW, I put a Bushhog loader on it. It worked great.

    My current TC40D, has a factory loader; works great and paint matches
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Default Re: want to add front loader

    Ditto to what everyone said, the only thing I can add my TC 40 DA came without a loader one day while buying parts at my local dealer a customer had just bought a new 40 with a loader and wanted it removed talk about perfect timing I picked it up for less than $4000 installed on mine it couldn't hurt to ask around and see if any local dealers have any sitting around from just such circumstances you never know of course the 270 is a large loader so I'm sure Jinman has the price darn close. I now have a 2420 basically a TC 55 with 270 loader absolutely love it we have bigger tractors but it's such a pain to maneuver them I find myself always on my 2420 moving things rock clearing and numerous other things I could not imagine a tractor without a loader they're worth every penny one other advantage to a new Holland loader if you have any problem new Holland will stand behind your warranty with their own loader if something breaks , for instance your tractor breaking in half the 270 is incredible at what it can lift I have loaded r4 calcium tires and a category two ballast box close to 1600 pounds and I still lift the back end off the ground from time to time, it's probably more to do with how far out the 270 reaches my brother and I are always amazed at what it can lift.

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