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    Default Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    So I have this Ford 1700 which I have now owned for five years. Love it. Just for mowing until now.

    This year, I am thinking very seriously about doing some serious gardening- like plowing up an acre or two, and putting in some rows of potatoes, corn, etc.

    In looking around, I have found 2 bottom plows, and 3 bottom plows out there locally on Ebay or craigslist. This like this one:

    3Pt Ford Plow

    What do you think- for plowing up an acre or two, is a two-bottom plow doable on a Ford 1700? Is a three-bottom plow doable? Does a Ford 1700 have the power necessary to be able to use a 2 or 3 bottom plow?

    Your thougths, please.

    My soil is pretty heavy. Hasn't been plowed in perhaps 40 years. So it's not going to be the easiest...


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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    If AG tires, will do it in not too hard of soil. I used a 1 bottom with mine and did OK(I had turfs). I like my new Kioti much better for plowing now. You can do it with the 1700-just gets frustrating at times.I'd say 3 bottom is definately out
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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    Maybe a 2 bottom in a 12", otherwise I would guess you should try a 1 bottom 14" or 16". There's nothing worse that fighting a plow because the tractor cannot keep up the speed to roll the soil. There's nothing better than cruising along rolling the soil with a plow that matches your tractor size. You'll end up spending less time with a smaller plow sometimes.
    You can remove a bottom or two on some of the old plows. The one in the ad you posted looks like a Ford 101, and is a good plow. It looks to be in fair shape so that price is not bad. Parts are still available for it too.

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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    I have an old 2 bottom plow that my 1700 pulls just fine. Not sure what size it is, got it at an auction for next to nothing

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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    I'm off to pick that plow up. Looks like it will pull fine behind my TC40D! Aw, just kidding! I'm in Jackson, (well actually SW near Hanover-Horton) but Munith is plenty close enough.

    I think you'll have marginally good success with it behind your 1700. Is yours a 4wd or 2wd? That might sway the decision if it was mine. Are your tires in decent shape? I pulled for years a Fergeson 2-14" behind my 1720 and USUALLY it went OK. If the soil was extremely wet and heavy or in a new area not previously plowed, I'd sometimes have to baby it and raise the 3-pt a little when it bogged down.

    If it was me, I think for the price (or thereabouts) I'd give a try.

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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    Sometimes a plow that is drafting too hard will go easier with a minor adjustment or two. Check your tilt and pitch angles, give the share a bit of time to scour clean. Is it sharp and not too badly worn? Is the ground sandy or is it clay or is it rock?

    I discovered a long time ago plowing behind a team of horses (because I wanted to, not because I had to - it was fun - and still is) that it is easier to "finesse" a plow than to try to muscle it through.

    My 1700 does pull two 14" shares in the garden patch quite handily - and the soil is tough and rocky.
    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Ford 1700- To plow, or not to plow. That is the question

    My 1979 Ford 1700 4WD tractor just pulled a Ford 101 2 bottom 16" plow through some tough clay. I didn't think it had the power, but it did, and it surprised me. Plow is all rusted up after sitting for 20+ years. All four Ag tires are loaded with beet juice, and it made a huge difference. I was able to keep the plow around 6" deep, +/- 2" as needed. Believe me, this was all the plow this tractor wanted, but it did it. Ran nicely in range 2, 3rd gear. This was only the 2nd plowing ever on this plot, so there was plenty of sod from the Nov. 2010 initial plow. I scraped the moldboards after each pass trying to help the scouring action and made some progress. Every furrow turned over nicely too which was pleasing to see. I don't mean to wish summer away by any means, but I am looking forward to the fall plow!

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