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    Default Hydrualic Pump Install

    Having issues with my hydraulics and if it turns out to be the pump is that a Do it yourself job for a not so mechaniclly inclinded person? TN75

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    Default Re: Hydrualic Pump Install

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Ha View Post
    Having issues with my hydraulics and if it turns out to be the pump is that a Do it yourself job for a not so mechaniclly inclinded person? TN75


    I have done pump overhaul on my tractor and found it to be an easy task. I was previously familiar with gear type positive displacement pumps so nothing was new to me. Take a look at the link below, about the middle of the first page you start seeing pump info. It might give you some inside. It is certainly a doable project.

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    Default Re: Hydrualic Pump Install

    Bob, replacing a pump is something I would do, but I have the Repair Manual for my tractor. Before you make a leap and buy a new pump (VERY expensive for your tractor) why not check with another dealer about warranty work if it is still in warranty. In the DFW area, there are lots of NH dealers. If your dealer is going out of business, somebody else will be taking their warranty work.

    In open-center systems, if something is stuck open before the 3PH circuit, it will stop the 3PH from working. This is true on my tractor if one of the remote levers is stuck. I believe on the TN75, the loader is actually run by a rear remote that is actuated by cables. If the loader joystick is off center or one of your remote valves is out of center, it's likely that your 3PH is being eliminated by hydraulic priority. I'm just not that familiar with your tractor.

    I think talking to a service guy at a NH shop is your first choice since your tractor is in warranty still. The next best thing is send a PM to RickB who is a Senior NH Tech and a TN75 expert. He may have a suggestion or two, but ultimately, this is NH's problem if you are still in warranty. I would not touch that hydraulic pump. Get some help; you've paid for it.

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