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    Default tc35d won't start

    i am having trouble starting my tractor. trouble began in this order:
    - ran unit mowing field. parked the unit.
    -returned a couple of days later, dash panel lit up, unit tried to turn over a cuople of times- then nothing, no click, no buzz, nothing.
    -tried to jump the unit w/truck, nothing, checked the fuses, all o.k.
    checked the battery terminals & cleaned them. good connection, nothing.
    -checked battery, battery was not good, tried jumping the unit again, nothing, checked fuses again, # 2 was blown, replaced it & the unit started!!
    -moved unit near garage to charge the battery, tried to start again after charging, nothing, checked the fuses again, all o.k.
    - replaced battery, tried to start, dash panel lites up, does not start, checked fuses, all o.k., no click, no buzz, nothing.
    anyone have any ideas?
    -i'm tracing the wiring now & trying to check continuity, selinoid, starter, etc..,
    - could really use some extra brain power here!

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    Default Re: tc35d won't start

    Check the ground (- terminal lug from battery) at the starter. If this is bad or high resistance, then current may be back feeding thru other connections. That's why fuses etc, blow.

    First thing you usually do is check headlights while starting. If they go blank when you hit the starter, there are several possible problems. A bad battery cell can do this, too. Only high current situations cause this, hence starter and headlight checks.
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    Default Re: tc35d won't start

    There is a very good chance that your starter solenoid is not working properly. My tractor refuses to start from time-to-time and I either get it to start by going to start with the key switch several times or rapping pretty hard on the solenoid with a big crescent "hammer." Sometimes my tractor will have several occurances of unreliable starting and then it may go another year or more and work just fine. NH will gladly sell you another starter, but I don't think that is the solution. You might get the starter to kick by jumpering the solenoid directly to the 12v lug on the starter motor. That will ensure the solenoid is getting full battery power instead of going through the key switch, the safety system, and the start relay which can all drop voltage and not cause the solenoid to energize as hard as it should.

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