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    Default TC29D Glow Plugs

    I am still fighting a glow plug issue. It starts hard in the cold unless I use the block heater for a couple hours. The light on the dash for the glow plugs may or may not come on when the key is turned to the appropriate position - it is sporadic. If the glow plug light does not come on and I turn the key to the preheat position the other lights will dim.

    I replaced the relay already. I checked the wire and the bar for voltage - the bar connecting the glow plugs and get 11 volts at the wire and along the bar. I put the bulb and cover from the glow plugs on the back of the dash panel in the oil sensor position and the light works fine.

    Is there a way to tell for certain that the glow plugs are working? My instincts are one or more are not due to hard starting. Could I also have a light in the dash issue? Appreciate your help. It seems like I have to figure out a way to determine if the plugs are actually working somehow.

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    Sounds like you have power to the glow plugs. Remove the bar, then, using an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the terminal and the threads. As I remember, should be around .8-1.2 ohms.

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