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    I have a New Holland TN75a. I am having trouble with kill switch, (key)it started ocassionaly now all the time, key won't kill motor only way is remove wire on the pump, the wire show no voltage with key off and 13.47 with key on. does anyone have any ideas or had this problem.

    Thanks, Chicken

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    G'day check and clean all your grounds it sounds to me like you are getting a power backfeed somewhere and most common cause is a bad ground. You say you have no voltage at pump with key off is that with engine running??


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    Just a thought about no voltage at the pump when running. There are latching solenoids, voltage activates them, the voltage is removed they stay latched until voltage is applied again.

    Before you chase voltage that isn't there for too long find out which type of solenoid you have.

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    Thanks for the information, after checking more it was a blow fuse. the voltage was with motor stopped. After doing more research the relay activates the selenoid for 8 seconds then releases. I'm hoping the blown fuse isn't another problen that will show up again. thanks all.

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