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    Default Sway bars on T1510

    Hey has anyone on here ever tried using sway bars on their t1510 or other such size tractor 1710...etc. I really think these sway chains (stabilizer chains are a pain)...I used a ford 2000 for many many years growing up and when we needed them we just used the sway bars on both sides or just one side depending on the implement....i realize that i would need to remove the chain sway stabilizers (yay) and put a pin in to connect too under the rops....but given the right size sway bar legnth..... would this work? or has anyone already proved this will work???

    if so please tell me how or exactly what sway bars to use and where you got them.....

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    Default Re: Sway bars on T1510

    I am not a fan of the t1510 chain sway stabilizers either. They are hard to reach, hard to adjust, and just plain flimsy IMHO.

    I would like to find slotted bar stabilizers that are adjusted with pins. I've seen them on tractor pix, but I don't know what they are called or where to get them. Any help from other forum users would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Sway bars on T1510

    The deluxe TC models came with those stabilizers but that was a previous manufacturer for new Holland. If you have the Shibarua DNA these may work for you. They might even fit the new ones.
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