Hi, I am new here, though always l've always loved heavy equipment all I currently have is a John Deere 3120. It's a great machine, although it is only 30HP it has plenty of power. Just recently though I purchased 12.5 acres of heavily wooded acres on a lake up north and will need something a lot bigger to clear out a path (I have a cabin right down the street that is on a smaller lot and I tried to drive my ATV through the woods and I couldn't find a clearing past about 50' into the woods). So I've been looking at getting a bigger, older backhoe. First of all my tractor is a 2006 or 2007, not exactly sure but I bought it as a dealer demo and had 30 hours on it when I bought it. Honestly, I just bought it so I could have a tractor and haven't had much use for it, I've only got 138 hours on it right now. It has a 300X front end loader and a Frontier back blade. I have used it very lightly, washing after nearly every use and has always been garage kept. I've looked around at tractors similar and are being listed at prices up to $19,000 but all with more hours and, at least in my biassed opinion, mine looks the best. With that said I NEED to get top dollar for that tractor, whether it is a trade in or it is me selling it on my own, I cannot afford anything over what I can get for my tractor. Now, with all of that said, I want a nice backhoe, I don't want a piece of junk, and I really don't want to fix it up, my target is early 90's in fairly decent shape. Definitely want a cab, not just for the cab but just too know that some company didn't leave that instrument panel outside in the rain for the last 20 years. Also I need 4 wheel drive as what most of the time what I use my current tractor for is plowing the driveway here in Michigan. I would love an extendahoe for the reach and a 4 in 1 bucket to make it a little easier to pick up fallen trees and stuff. The tractor that I was looking at most recently is a 1990 Ford 555C with an extendahoe, 2 stick controls(can't stand the 4), 4 in 1 bucket, and a cab but the problem is its listed at $19,900 (1990 FORD 555C Loader Backhoe For Sale At MachineryTrader.com). It's a great looking tractor but don't know if I would like to spend any money on top of the trade. Any advice, anyone love or hate their 555C? Also looked up on multiple websites the list prices of Ford 555C's and it is the most expensive (and the closest to my house). Looked at other backhoes too, like the older Cases but they tend to have the 4 stick controls, love the Cat's and Deere's but they tend to be more expensive. Any help will be appreciated.http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/i...2/thumbsup.gif