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    Default ran out of fuel

    nh5050 ran out of fuel does it have to be bled?

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    Default Re: ran out of fuel

    maybe, but first, I would fill the fuel tank and then crack the fuel filter and let the bowl fill to the top. Secure the fuel filter and then attempt a restart.

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    Default Re: ran out of fuel

    On my 1700 you have to bleed the injector pump to get the air out of the system, don't know if yours is the same.

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    Default Re: ran out of fuel

    I accidently ran my tc33d out of fuel a couple of weeks ago. My manual says to bleed. However, I turned it over a few times with a little pause in between and it cranked right up. I don't know if this was risky, but it worked out quite easily and well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Selter View Post
    nh5050 ran out of fuel does it have to be bled?
    You'll have to bleed the fuel system. Your tank is most likely below the engine and there is a lift pump that is used to suck fuel through the water separator and the fuel filter and provide the fuel under a few psi of pressure to the injector pump. On My TD95D, the lift pump has a lever on it that you use to lift fuel from the tank. It's located in the fuel circuit between the fuel filter and the injector pump. You use that pump to bleed the the fuel filter then close the bleeder screw on it and prime the injector pump with a few more strokes of the lift pump. You then crank the starter to prime the injectors. If you have an owners manual, the instructions for your specific tractor will be there.

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