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    Default TC30 water in transmission oil

    I have a 2008 tc30 with the hydro transmission. It only has 102 hours on it. I noticed the loader was running slow with low power. I checked the hydrolic oil in the transmission and I noticed it is milky. Obviously water is getting into the transmission and I assume this is also the cause of poor power to the loader. I can not find the source of the water into the transmission. Any Ideas?

    Also any ideas on how to flush the transmission and loader hydrolic system out, so I do not contaminate the new oil?

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Default Re: TC30 water in transmission oil

    I think having a 3-yr old tractor with only 102 hours is the key to your water contamination. Do you also live in an area of high humidity and large temperature swings? In three years, it's probably condensation inside the reservoir that has added the water. If you use your tractor often and the oil comes up to 160 to 185 degrees operating temperature, that has a drying/evaporation effect on water collecting in the reservoir. By having low usage, you are going to have to keep an eye on your oil in the future.

    I don't know any cleaner or solvent to get out the water. You certainly DO NOT want to put anything inside that reservoir that could damage your HST transmission. The only safe thing is a fill-drain-fill cycle as needed. Of course, you also need to change main and HST filters for every change. You might use a NH Multi-G 134 cheaper compatible oil for the first change and flush and then go back to a premium fluid or Multi-G-134 for the final change. You won't save much money over just buying and using Multi-G-134 for all changes. I would drain all the fluid I could get out, change filters and refill, run until fully warmed up, drain and change filters again. Yes, this is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as putting something in the reservoir that will damage your tractor. After one drain-refill-drain-refill cycle, you should be good to go.

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