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    Default TN90f "internal" clutch adjustment. anyone know how?

    I have another thread on a similar topic, but its old so...

    I am replacing the clutch plates that attach to the flywheel.

    I am trying to adjust the clutch release levers on my TN90F standard type shuttle transmission.(not hydrostatic or automatic).

    The power train section of the repair manual tells me to fit a gauge on the centring dowel and get a clearance of .004in.. i will use a feeler gauge for the distance... OK i get this part.

    The gauge in question is just a flat piece of steel with a hole in the middle and 3 "leg pins" sticking down. I have the gauge.

    I do not understand how I am suppose to get the overall distance from the face of the clutch plate in order to do this. Does the centring dowel have a stop on it or some way of setting the distance before i have to set the arms within .004" of each other? if so what is that distance?

    not to mention there are 6 arms, 3 arms are for the inner clutch plate, and 3 are arms are for the other plate. they are at different distances from the drive plate face. SO, only 3 arms at a time will be within .004 of each other, not all six. I hope i am making sense here.

    is there a place that I can get the proper distance measurements



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    Default Re: TN90f "internal" clutch adjustment. anyone know how?

    Well, as crazy as it sounds, its cheaper to buy a "clutch group" re-manufactured ($580) rather then get the tools ($500) and the plate ($400) and resurfacing ($?). Even a brand spankin new clutch group is still worth it at ($1050)

    I like how they make it so doing your own work is more difficult (they wont give u the measurement for the clutch adjustment) and expensive then paying them to do the assembly work.

    They honestly want $320+ for a steel rod cut to length with some SIMPLE lathe work done to it. Then they hide the dimensions so you cant make one...nice NH

    Oh well, I am done cryin now.. lol

    I hope I can put it back together b4 I am snowed in.

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