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    Default 3pt sway bars

    My 1720 has outer 3pt sway bars. Turnbuckles really. Unfortunately, I have a couple 3pt pieces that clamp over the 3pt arms right where these turnbuckle bolts attach to the 3pt arm. I would like to find some sway bars that attach to the hole closer in towards the tractor, 2" shorter. Any available?

    I was just going to replace the one end of the turnbuckle with a shorter piece - but they turn out to be 14mm metric threads, left-handed, and this turns out to be difficult to find!

    Guess I'll have to start fabricating if I can't find anything on the shelf. Could have been easy, but never is...


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    Default Re: 3pt sway bars

    Go to Mcmaster Carr Search for 98817A280. 14 MM left hand threaded rod $14.76 each.

    Don't know what you need on the end for a fitting.

    Why not just cut the existing piece down? Or order a spare part from New Holland & cut that down if you want to maintain the originals.

    If you've got a picture or sketch of the setup, we can provide more help.

    Good luck.

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