My problem is it sounds like the pto has a bearing that is going bad or has and wondering if it is that and what would it take to fix it without putting it in the shop.

I'm going to say that I'm probably at blame for my problem but I don't know. I was having to drill some holes for some posts on hill that was nothing but hard rock/pit gravel and my 12" auger is dulled down. Either way, the tractor was backed up the hill with the nose going downhill. It took a while to get the holes drilled though because I was having to change bits from time to time and just letting it drill hoping it would cut into the ground with the help of a pipe and myself and friend sitting on it while my sister ran the tractor.

Well, needless to say, the pto started to make a noise I guess but I figured it was just the auger and then all of a sudden made a loud grinding noise or bad sound which I knew it was the tractor. It finally clicked that the oil was going downhill and running the pto as long as we did on those 2 holes might have caused a bearing or something to go bad??

It never came to my mind before doing it or while doing it that that could happen if possible but wanted to get your ideas on my problem. I know when we bought the tractor 4 years ago or so, the guy said that some tractors came from the factory and when running the pto, you might here a grinding noise in there and it would have to be brought in for an adjustment.

I don't know if maybe whatever he was talking about has happened or there is a bearing going out, but it sounds like it is near the shaft where the noise could be coming from? Basically one of the out most bearings probably since that would be the furthest away with the oil going downhill? It might be just a bearing that went bad on its on?

Messicks and a couple other sites allowed me to put up diagrams of the tractor so I was able to find the rear pto parts but there are at least four versions that could be my tractor, but I don't know how to figure out what listing, variation or type it is. I know we got the tractor new in June/July 2007 or around this time, but this doesn't help me in the diagrams? Most of the bearings are the same in them but they changed the internals of the pto parts. Some of the drawings say NA only and then some say Synchro mesh so I don't know what all that means but is there a way to figure out which diagram/tractor I have so I can look at it for sure?

What do you guys thing, could it be a bearing or is something out of adjustment. I just hope it's not an expensive fix?? If is a bearing, how would I go about fixing it, is it something I can do myself? Once taking off that rear cover, is that something I could take the disassembly the stuff and put it back together or is this something that shouldn't be attempted. There are just not much info out there so I'm hoping somebody on here might could shed some light on my problem.

Sorry for the long post but thanks for your help,