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    Default TC 30 electrical issue

    I have a horse farm owner(possibly not terribly tractor savvy) who has a 2003 TC 30 that stops running when the brake pedal is actuated, or the clutch is depressed and shifted from neutral to H, M or L. There would appear to be an electrical wire shorting when the brake/shift pedal is pressed. Does the TC 30 have an electrical fuel pump? Or does it have a mechanical pump with an electric solenoid fuel shut off? Where should she look for the short(other than around these pedals)?
    For more detail:
    Bizarre, random (seemingly) issue on Tractor - Chronicle Forums

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    Default Re: TC 30 electrical issue

    I read the linked thread and have to agree with the "feather weight" diagnosis. We run a horse rescue and one of the volunteers has this very issue. It doesn't take much to open that switch and kill the tractor.
    Try adjusting the tension on the seat springs all the way down and see if it continues.
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    Default Re: TC 30 electrical issue

    Try the seat switch first. If it's wired like the later compacts, if the seat switch is not properly activated, the engine will die when shifted into gear. Part of the operator safety circuit. Seat, brake, PTO, trans neutral switches are all tied to the pump supply relay.

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    Default Re: TC 30 electrical issue

    I had a similar problem. So I jammed a pice of wood between the seat frame and the switch. Now the tractor thinks there is a person constantly sitting on it for 8 years without a break now. lol

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