I have had a problem present yesterday and continue into today. I really hope someone else has encountered (and corrected) this problem before. The hay bale is doing fine up to the point of raising the door and ejecting the bale. At the point where the apron chain goes into reverse, the roller at the end of the door grabs the hay and string. It then continues to grab more hay/string until it packs between the apron chain and the inside of the door to the point of sheering a pin.

We have baled with this unit for 4 years now and never had this problem. I have baled about 100 bales this year and it did not have a problem. Only since yesterday has it happened and there was no event (rock, stick, etc) that happened when it began.

Now, we have tried shutting off the PTO before raising the door and this worked fine but it does not answer what has happened to make it start doing this and what can be done about it. Any help would be appreciated.