Due to losing a whole lot of my property, including a AC180, I bought a NH TL80. It's a 2001 with only 130 hours. It was owned by a doctor that attached a finishing mower to mow his yard. It was stored inside much of the time so it looks new and after a little TLC it will be new. I got it at Bockting Equip near Hermann, MO. They serviced it. The only thing that I can't seem to get to work is the 4wd indicator light to come on in the dash board. The 4wd does work, I installed a new switch and checked the little dash lights and they worked when I tested them in the parking brake light socket. The manual addresses all the TL models so as far as I know maybe there isn't one to come on. Other wise for mowing with the 3008 Bush Hog and the Bush Hog blade I think I'm going to really like this tractor. I've got so much to do, to rebuild the 60X90 Wick building--they'll start that in June. At least I got the tractor and can play with it in the garage of the house.