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    Default TC-40D HST PTO Hard to engage

    My PTO has become harder and harder to engage/disengage. I have cleaned the linkage with no better results. Is the problem internal? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: TC-40D HST PTO Hard to engage

    Your problem is most like likely the plastic bushings and shaft that the pto lever is mounted to. When the shaft rusts the plastic bushing will bind.

    You can determine if the shaft and bushing are binding by wiggling the pto lever side to side. By comparing the play with another lever you will see there is a certain amount of play


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    Default Re: TC-40D HST PTO Hard to engage

    Steve, Mike (Spicer) is correct. All the levers on the left side pivot on the same shaft. Looking at the illustration below, that pivot shaft is item #14. When I took mine apart, the shaft was corroded. Cleaning that up and adding a little lube should take care of your problem. To get at the shaft, you'll need to remove the left side plastic console. It's bolted on from underneath the fender and you can even get to the bolts without removing the wheel. With the console off you can unbolt one bolt on each end of the shaft and slide it out so it can be cleaned. That's what I'd suggest as a first step and probably will be all you need.
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