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    Default NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    Have a 2003 TN75 4wd with loader and checked the hydraulic fluid the other day and noticed that it was milky white...when the PTO is engaged it is sounding like a constant clicking -- still turning all implements - just a sound that to me is not normal..?... anybody have this issue with these TN models? have a friend that works at Hwy dept and he said that a lot of theirs have had PTO issues, but most of those may have been "operator" problems. going to drain and replace fluid/filter and see what happens, but something (water/air) is getting into the system....any known problems where I can start looking?

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    Default Re: NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    I am no expert on the TN75, but how long has it been since you changed fluid? Sometimes we don't use a tractor many hours during the year and fluid stays in a long time. It can collect water from condensation and the fluid never gets hot enough for long enough to drive off the moisture. I don't know what the clicking sound might be, but cloudy fluid in a relatively new tractor like yours is normally from condensation. If you live in a location of high humidity and large temperature swings, that just adds to the condensation possibility.

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    Default Re: NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    Milky look means water in the fluid, to me.
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    Default Re: NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    That is water that would cause that issue, you need to drain the fluid, and replace it, and check your PTO seal, and location where you fill the hydraulic fluid, and make sure that water is not getting in from a loose cap, or plug. Either way, I would definitely change it out. You should not operate it with the milky fluid, as it can cause very bad damage over time. You can heat a few drops on a hotplate above boiling, but below 350 degrees, and if it sizzles, the fluid is bad and there is too much water. Water in the system can cause corrosion to you hydraulic system that you don't want.

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    Default Re: NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    water or air entrailment can both cause cavitation.

    I think I'd dump in a couple quarts of 90% rubbing alcohol and circulate it under no load, and then drain..change filter and then the oil.


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    Default Re: NH TN75 - hydrauilc fluid milky white...

    Definately sounds like water to me, but as soundguy says if the level is low it could be cavitation, although then fluid normally returns to a more normal colour when cold...

    Best bet is to change it - and also the filter, and check the seal around the hydraulic filler, as off hydraulic oil will cause you a problem in the long run!
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