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    Default 7740 SL will not engage in foward or reverse

    I have a 1998 7740 SL 12 x 12 2 wd with cab that I bought new in 1998 so I know the tractor very well. The unit has 3340 hours and a loader that is used for moving large round bales. I just had my second replacement clutch installed. I bush hogged for for about 5 hours after getting the unit back from the dealer. I got out to shut a gate and got back in the tractor. The forward reverse lever would not move. It is like an immovable object, no play at all. The 3 ranges & the 4 speeds all work ok. The clutch works fine and the unit will start. I have had some issues with the range and 4 speed hanging in gear, but this was in the linkage in side the rubber boot. I talked to a mechanic and he said there could be "loose tabs" in the small box on top of the transmission. I took the access plate off in the bottom of the cab and removed the 4 bolts where the forward/reverse lever goes into a small "box" that is on top of the transmission, nothing looks out of the ordinary in the the small box. I need help/advice, as I am in the middle of nowhere doing custom bush hogging for an individual on some hilly terrain. Obviously I need to get the tractor home to repair myself or take back to the dealer for repair. Any one have any suggestions on what might be wrong and how to repair in the field, is there any way to get it to engage the forward/reverse in order to get in where I get it to the main road so I can load and trailer it home if a major repair is needed? Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    Default Re: 7740 SL will not engage in foward or reverse

    I remember an interlock on the shuttle shift linkage on some forty series tractors. It prevents the shuttle lever from moving unless the clutch pedal is down. You might check that. There will be a cable attached to the clutch pedal linkage up near the pedal pivot point, going down below the floorplate to the shift linkage.

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    Thanks we are going out and check that later today

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    Default Re: 7740 SL will not engage in foward or reverse

    The cable had come loose from the clutch petal, it was an easy fix but difficult to get to. We reattached the cable to the clutch assembly and everything is working great.Thanks so much for the post/reply Harry, by the way we are in Kentucky between Frankfort and Louisville

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