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    Default Re: Four Wheel Drive Problem....noises!

    Everything is back together.

    The front driveshaft splines where it enters the coupling looked ok from what little can be seen from just looking. But when the driveshaft was removed,the end of it was essentially tapered from wear,and the pinion had similar spline wear.

    Mark also had me order in addition to the parts in the previous post ,the right side axle housing. This is the entire part that runs (from drivers seat) from left to right that the differential sits in . It has the right axle in it. Any way it was worn and causing lash.

    Total cost is about $3700.Absolutely horrible. About 1700 labor and 2g's parts and shipping.

    He thinks that the whole problem was due to a grease fitting that was broken off in the back of the diff,where the driveshaft goes in. I bought the tractor used and should have noticed it missing. I remember it on my old TC29. Lack of grease caused the parts to go metal to metal. I never even saw the hole for the fitting ; it was flush with black grease like a plug in the hole.

    Let that be a lesson to me,grease,grease, and more grease.

    It should be fixed for life now.

    I am very happy I did not try to fix this.

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    Default Re: Four Wheel Drive Problem....noises!

    Paul, that's good news for everything but your wallet. Nothin' like a crash cash diet to keep that wallet thin and fit. You raise a lot of good points about regular greasing of ALL the zerks. Many people have made comments about putting lots of grease in those front axle pivots and driveshaft carriers. I suspect it's not the amount, but rather the regularity of greasing that is most beneficial. I'm happy you are back in business and hope you don't ever have similar problems again.

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