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    Default Ford 3000 Leaking PTO shaft seal

    Hi there,

    I have a 1967 Ford 3000 Diesel and I can't figure out how to replace the PTO shaft seal.
    The tractor is equipped with a live PTO (8-speed dual clutch).

    According to the service manual I need to remove the 4 bolts, but after they are removed I can only pull out the shaft for like 1 inch or so.
    I am noticing the PTO engage shifter moves (when I pull the shaft and it blocks after one inch).

    I did already perform an intensive search but cannot find a conclusive answer.
    It seems there is a lot of difference between a 8N and even between a 3000 and 4000 series Ford.

    Please advice

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    Default Re: Ford 3000 Leaking PTO shaft seal

    there is alot of difference in a 8n and a 4000 pto.. not so much on an 8n and 3000 pto, if said 3000 is a straight gear model.

    that said.. on a 3 cyl.. you should slide the pto engagement lever to engaged before pulling the shaft.

    does the bearing carrier clear the center rear housing? if yes, and shaft still won't come out.. you likely have damage to the rear of the pto shaft.. either warpage of the splines or mushrooming of the end.

    if bearing carrier not cleared.. it may have a lil rust and be hanging.. give it a lil pry with 2 pry bars on the flange.. one on each side to pry evenly.

    once you hav ethe shaft assy out.. if the splines are good.. it's a straightforward job to pull split ring off aft, ddrop bearing carrier and seal assy off front of shaft.. check bearing and wear ring.. repalce as needed.. drive seal out.. clean carrier.. seat new seal.. grease up bearing snd seal.. drop seal and carrier onto shaft .. seat.. add split ring.. and reinstall with new gasket.

    i *think* that model *may* have a thrust washer that could drop down if the pto engage lever is not left engaged.. if so.. a broomstick witha wad of grease ont here should glue it in place so you can stab the shaft back in.. usually rotating helps it go in .. etc.. 3 cyl jobs aren't my specialty.. so the last bit of info may not actually apply to your 3000.. ie.. the thrust washer issue.

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