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    Default 33D parking brake trouble

    2001 - parking brake wouldn't disengage yesterday. Had some trouble with it before but it would work with some jiggling. Now it's locked up tight, brake pedals are all the way down(forward). I took a circlip out and a short pin to release the whole thing so I could use it and ziptied it in place.
    For the life of my I can't figure out how it works! the "gears"(dogs?) don't seem to match up with any thing to "hold" onto? the gears themselves were stopped against a frame piece of steel at the top. Does this make any sense to anyone? Looked like something is way out of whach or something?????????
    I'll finish the job on Monday and then take it in to get fixed unless I can figure out how it's supposed to go.

    Also my steering wheel adjustment for angle has never worked. Locked tight and won't move. ? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: 33D parking brake trouble

    <font color="blue">Also my steering wheel adjustment for angle has never worked. Locked tight and won't move.</font>

    Sounds like the tilt piston is seized up. The piston on my TC33D has been replaced under warranty twice in the last two years. It did not seize up but it got to where it would not "catch" in any position. I could move the steering wheel up and down but it would return to the up position no matter what I did. Dealer told me it crapped out because I do not have a place to store my tractor out of the weather and rain gets inside of the piston and ruins it. Even though your problem is different that mine the culprit is the same - the piston. I doubt there is much you can do to fix the problem. Hopefully your tractor is still under warranty. Get a dealer to replace the piston.

    I (hopefully) have solved my problem, temporarily at least. When not using my tractor I tie a trash bag over the steering wheel to keep rain water off the steering column.

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