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    Default Servicing new to me tractor

    I just purchased a TC33D and want to drain and refill all fluids. I don't have a manual yet, the guy was going to try and find it. Since I have the HST version, is the only hydro fill behind the seat with the yellow plug? Is there only 1 drain plug for all hydro? Is there more then one hydro filter? I want to change hydro and engine oil and related filters. As I understand, I need to use the NH 134. How much hydro and engine oil do I need. I appreciate the help.

    Thank You....

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    I bought a tc33da this year and changed all the fluids. For the Hydraulic fluid ther are 2 drain plugs 1 is located slightly ahead of your rear axle and the other is about 1/2 way under the tractor. There at 2 filters, the hydraulic sysyem oil filter located just ahead of the rear axle on the right sitting on the tractor the H.S.T. system filter os located on left side at the rear of your engine. I used aprox 30l of fluid to refill and this is done at the rear. You are correct that it needs NH 134d or if you are using another brand make sure it is NH 134d compliant fluid. If you do your front axle your final reduction gear case may not have filler plugs it may filled through the front axle differential case make sure you do not overfill!!. If you an get a copy of an owners manual this will tell you everthing you need to know it even tell exactly how much fluid to replace. When you drain your main resavoir make sure you have plenty of buckets as this holds over 20l of fluid. I used a good quality 10w30 engine oil it takes around 4l. This a pretty simple job as long as you properly prepare. good luck

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