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    Default New Holland 1725 fuel shut off cable question

    I've gone through a couple of fuel shut off cables now, they all tend to break in the winter, they are stranded cables and I wonder if anyone has a permanent replacement or fix for the fraying cable. I thought of soldering the strands in the pull knob end, where they wear and break. The cables are now running $55 and I think that is pretty outrageous for a knob and cable. Any thoughts?



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    Default Re: New Holland 1725 fuel shut off cable question

    I just looked on Messicks site and the N/H diagrams show that you tractor should have a fuel shut off solenoid. Could some one have replaced the solenoid with a cable?

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    Default Re: New Holland 1725 fuel shut off cable question

    It looks like this is the original setup, just a pull cable with a knob on it that goes through the dash and the cable manually pulls the fuel line shut, really bad way to do it, wish it did have a solenoid. I have gone through about 3 of these cables so it was a standard way of doing it. Problem is the fuel line always freeze's in the winter and the cable doesn't handle much pressure before the stranded end in the dash knob breaks. Thanks for the response, tractor is good beyond that running a TA 111 Westendorf loader on it, almost too heavy duty, wish it had 2 spools on it for hydraulics, but I imagine that would be an expensive option, still hate turf tires, on a hillside using a brush hog, 4 ft, tends to get a little loose.

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