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    Default Loader Hydraulic problem

    In my continuing issiue with my Brand New, New Holland Boomer 40. The front loader hydraulics will move about an inch when I am backdraging a pile. Or to put a different way, I can set my bucket to dump, leave in that postion, walk around and pick up the bucket by hand, and the hydraulic cylinders will allow me to move them about an inch +. New Holland is telling me to boost the RPMs up over 2000 and that should solve the problem. I have run Loaders and Backhoes for the last 11 years. Hydraulic cylinders should not move when you push on them, at any RPM. Does anybody have an idea or comment on this?

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    Default Re: Loader Hydraulic problem

    When you say new?

    It is possible that there could still be some air trapped in the lines. Try raising the FEL to full heigh and back down several times as well as curling all the way and dumping all the way several times.
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    Default Re: Loader Hydraulic problem

    I don't think the cylinders should have motion in them at any rpm. You are 110% sure that you can see the cylinder rod move when lifting the bucket by hand?

    Poor connections on the quick disconnects (used when removing the loader) can cause hinky problems. You might try disconnecting and reconnecting those. Plus, there may be some quick disconnects among the hoses on your loader joystick valve.

    Air is a possibility too. Has anyone gone over all your hydraulic piping and made sure everything is tight, no leaks anymore?, I think you mentioned leaks early on.

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