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    Default Re: Can't believe the Boomer BASHERS

    Welcome to TBN. I think you will find that this forum is a lot more about finding uses for your Boomer than brand bashing. Please do a review as suggested and continue to tell us why you love your tractor and how you use it. You will also find that there are a whole lot of us who love our Boomers. There is also a wealth of technical knowledge and know-how to keep your Boomer running like new for years.
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    Default Re: Can't believe the Boomer BASHERS

    Welcome to TBN

    I moved your thread to the New Holland Owning/Operating forum.
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    Default Re: Can't believe the Boomer BASHERS

    Quote Originally Posted by Raiders View Post
    The Mitsubishi engine is Japanese, not Korean as some people have suggested, and it has plenty of power. I've received several complements on how smooth and quiet the engine runs.
    Raiders, I don't mean to bash your tractor, but there are several things in your post that made me believe you are not aware of the full story behind your Boomer 30. The "TC" versions of the Boomer tractor line of compacts were established using a Japanese supplier called Shibaura. Many people love those tractors and were disappointed a little over two years ago when New Holland changed OEM suppliers to LS tractor out of Korea. They are the same conglomerate that includes LG, makers of appliances, televisions, and cell phones. A website presentation PDF file is located here. So, while you are absolutely right that your engine is a Mitsubishi and very smooth (being a 4-cyl engine), the tractor is an OEM product of a Korean company.

    Those of us who own the Shibaura models feel that the LS tractors are not up to the standards of the previous TC-Boomer models. For example, people loved the Shibaura models with a cab. The cab was one of the nicest on any compact. With LS there is no cabbed models.

    If you feel like your tractor is being bashed, just consider how the owners of Shibaura based tractors feel. We see the price of spare parts skyrocket up in price and features we loved removed from the tractors. I've heard rumors that NH is also not happy with its relationship with LS and will soon go back to Shibaura for some models. If that happens on a full-scale basis, you may find yourself with an orphaned tractor that's both LS and NH. Let's just hope you get great service out of your tractor because you've spent good money to own it and expect support when needed from a major brand. If you are happy with your purchase 10 years from now, then what else matters?

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