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    Default TC33D tilt steering will not lock

    The tilt steering on our TC33D does not lock. I haven't gone to the manual yet to see what is involved in repairing, but did want to see if anyone else had the same issue and how it was resolved.

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    Default Re: TC33D tilt steering will not lock

    That's a very common problem that many of us have experienced. The mechanism works by action of a locking shock absorber. When you lift the handle to adjust tilt, the lever presses down on a pin on top of the shock to allow it to be adjusted. After many years, rain, snow, and dirt, the pin will become gummed up. Sometimes you can disassemble and loosen the pin, but more often the shock needs replacement. The shock is a little over $100 from New Holland just for the part. I replaced mine about 3 years ago, so that's when they were $100. It's not a hard job, but has to be done correctly to make sure everything works. Were you or someone you know going to make the repair? I don't think the labor will be much so you might want to check with your dealer. Hauling the tractor to the dealer or having them come get it is going to be the most costly in my opinion.

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    Default Re: TC33D tilt steering will not lock

    I had the same thing happen to my Case DX 33 a few weeks ago. (it's a red TC33D basically LOL). My steering colum went a bit limp. I tried a little blue pill and that worked fine for me, but didn't do anything for the tractor. I shined a light down next to the column and found oil....meaning that little shock was leaking. No real fix for that except the garbage can.

    Replacement wasn't that bad. Remove the two panels below the steering wheel. Pull the bolts off of the top, clean it up, etc. The bottom was a bit more difficult. You have to pull the brackets that hold up your dash so you can move the steering column a bit with a pry bar. The pin that holds the bottom in place was put in before the rest of the tractor was assembled around it basically, so you'll need to move things up and out of the way a bit to get the pin out. It's nothing difficult, just approach it methodically and you'll have no problems. Took me about an hour and a half total and that was with one of my friends hanging out in the shop talking about old times with me. LOL

    Messicks has it and Tractor Help has it with Tractor Help being a bit cheaper.
    Messicks Part Search
    Steering Column Adjuster Shock 86522914
    The forums are a great place to find information....but also a great place to find speculation. Only you can determine the real problems with your tractor. We're here to help you find the correct way to do it.

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    Default Re: TC33D tilt steering will not lock

    Thank you for the explanation. Back in the day Roy & I would 'fight' over who got to assemble the Christmas toys; we prefer to do the work ourselves, but if that is not practical it is best to know what has to be done. He is far more mechanically inclined but I wanted to understand the issue.

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    Default Re: TC33D tilt steering will not lock

    Quote Originally Posted by pedalstomper78 View Post
    The pin that holds the bottom in place was put in before the rest of the tractor was assembled around it basically, so you'll need to move things up and out of the way a bit to get the pin out.
    Mine quit working after a couple years. It is in the upright position though so I just left it, that's pretty much where I had it anyway. I did attempt to loosen the pin once without any luck and I didn't want to tear it down any further. Maybe someday.
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