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    Default Re: Ford 1720 3 point lift problem. I need your HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by BigolBill View Post
    Well, pressure guage is showing about 1800 psi when raised up and lift lever is sitting in notched position... 3pt seems to be working better each time I mess with it(hesitation disappearing)...? I was just reading a section of my manual that stated to leave your 3t in the lower position during long periods of storage to prevent corrosion of the lift cylinder... Maybe I was having issues due to it being somewhat seized up? And as I use it more if remedies itself more so??? What do you think

    1800 psi at what rpm? it does sounds about right. One thing probably you did not check and that was relief pressure setting. Did yo raise beyond the notch for the releif device to chatter? what was the pressure at that point? Look at your manual to see what the relief setting is. It should be about 2100 psi.Did you have a load on when you lifted up? say your heavy tiller? actually keeping the 3 points up floods the lift cylinder full of oil and not when it is down. If the rig is used I don't think thereis much chance of rust. Remember hyd oil reservoir (diffy) is atmospherically vented so there is possibility of moisture, I hate to have any stored pressure left in hydraulic system after use so at times I lower my 3 point with with my carry all on an extended jack stand about 1/4" or so to relive the pressure and at the same time keep the lift cylinder flooded with oil. I don't think you have issue as of now with seal or the pump. You system might have had a bot of obstruction like "kidney stone" that was pushed thru. Things hydraulic work better and smoother the more they are used.

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    Default Re: Ford 1720 3 point lift problem. I need your HELP!

    This is my first post. I have a 95 Ford 1720 on which I recently mounted a Woods Du Al 155 FEL. I connected the IN and OUT from FEL control backwards. IN to the IN and OUT to OUT... it obviously did not work correctly. Once I switched them to the correct position FEL OUT to tractor IN and FEL IN to tractor OUT it works like a charm. Used FEL a few times and then switched the selector on tractor to 3PT to operate a box blade and I don't have lift. I have read this entire article (Amazed at the knowledge and help provided) but I am still wondering what I messed up. If the selector is switched to front posistion the FEL works great. Switch it to the rear and the only way to get lift is to rev rpms 2000+ and then it VERY Very slowly lifts. Any help or guidance is appreciated. If I'm posting in the wrong area please let me know as I am a newb and 1st time poster. Thanks

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    Default Re: Ford 1720 3 point lift problem. I need your HELP!

    Working on a Ford 1720 with a loader (bucket)...The problem is the bucket will not raise (the fluids have been changed along with the filter) it has a small amount of tilt. Also the 3 point hitch jerks while going up and down. the pump for this tractor is located with the power steering pump....If any one has any ideas please feel free to respond.

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