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    Default Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    My 1510 has a broken lead on the sensor for the engine temperature idiot light. It failed about 3 months into owning the tractor, and I keep thinking about fixing it. Meanwhile I plan to install lights on the tractor, and while these are LED lights, and will likely burn less power than their predecessors, I often think it would be good to have nicer temp/Volts/Amps display.

    The 1510 panel doesn't have much real estate for meters, but I thought that perhaps others have contemplated a similar enhancement and could suggest a meter or digital display which they found worked well.

    Any recommendations for meter and temp/oil sensors for a tractor similar to this? Ideally, I guess I'd be looking for a digital display which could handle temp/oilpressure/Volts/Amps. My tach meter still runs OK, even though it has been turned over a few times. The hours are getting up there on the old beast.


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    Default Re: Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    I've pondered on adding gauges to my 1510. I'm a traditionalist as far as gauges go, as I prefer actual analogue over the digital versions. Either way, you're totally right about no room on the dash. I think creativity will be the key in this case. If I get around to installing a temp gauge this spring, I'll post pics. Until then, I'm afraid I'm of little help, but I'll keep glued to this post for further developments.


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    Default Re: Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    I'd just go analog. It is likely more resistant to adverse weather conditions than digital.

    Perhaps 3 gauges.

    Temp, Oil Pressure, Ammeter. And, with only 2, I'd choose Temp & oil pressure. If the battery fails, hopefully it will be close enough to home that you'll be able to fix it.

    Fuel Level? I guess I'm pretty old-school, just checking how much fuel is actually in the tank.

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    Default Re: Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    The 1510 panel would only fit the smallest of gauges to get two on there. I would have to replace the idiot lights with something smaller like LEDs.

    There is no fuel sender in this tractor, and in 28 years and 11 months of ownership I have only run it out of fuel twice. I can use capacitive level sensors made for jet fuel, but there is no common electronics to work with them.

    I would like oil pressure, but I have probably spent most of the engine's useful life with only an idiot light.

    I agree with you on the digital gauges and am concerned about reliability, and that is one of the reasons I am asking around. I have seen some nice LDC displays for gensets which are multifunction, and reasonably low cost, but of unknown quality (China gensets) and therefore lifespan.

    Thanks for your ideas.

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    Default Re: Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    Hear is the link to the thread where I installed gauges in my 1900.


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    Default Re: Engine Instrumentation Ideas Wanted - Ford 1510

    I like analog gauges as they can be read at a glance. Needle in the middle usually = good. With the digital gauges, you actually have to read them.
    As far as what gauges to add, a temp gauge is always helpful. Also, an ammeter can sometimes be a bit of an issue. Knowing your voltage is more critical than the amperage. Voltage will drop long before an ammeter will show that you're getting less power through the system.
    As far as the LED lights, I've got a set from and I love them.
    The forums are a great place to find information....but also a great place to find speculation. Only you can determine the real problems with your tractor. We're here to help you find the correct way to do it.

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